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The itineraries of the hills

The fame of the great Petrarch, but also the beauty of the town with its medieval flavor and the magical atmosphere of the surrounding rolling hills, have attracted a constant flow of travelers to Arquà Petrarca for centuries. After visiting the town and Petrarca’s house, there is also the opportunity to enjoy the serenity of the natural beauties in which Arquà is set. We suggest various nature walks and a cycle path that leads from the Euganean Spas to Arquà.
All excursions are easy, simple, accessible to anyone: just be sensitive to the pleasure of walking in the midst of Nature. All seasons can offer pleasant atmospheres: however, the hottest hours of summer will be avoided. Light and practical clothing, good footwear and some water are recommended. With the cycling itinerary, we intend to give an indication to arrive in Arquà pleasantly, even without the use of the car.
The ideal would be to use a full day: arrive in Arquà early in the morning, take one of the proposed paths, have lunch comfortably in one of the many bars. Afterwards you can dedicate a couple of hours to visit the town and the Poet’s house, reserving the second half of the afternoon for the return.